#Sheroes TV Spectacular Launched by #WE

#Sheroes, the largest female tribute, is produced by #WE, headed by a blockbuster casting director ( Transformers; Bad Boys; Spiderman, etc) and the former CEO of Concerts West            ( Elvis, Led Zeppelin, etc.)

Good Times TV Special Debuts on Holyfield TV Network

Our first of several upcoming " Good Times TV Specials" debuted in Feb/ March, 2021 on The Holyfield Network TV stations, then broadcasting in over 36 national TV markets nationally, from L.A to Detroit to Miami.

 #WE Host, Jenee Starr, and actor, John Amos, the star of the iconic 70's TV series, lead the broadcast.

#We_Together TV Special

#WE_Together, the FIRST ever national TV special, hosted by R & B icon, Alyson Williams.       ( National distribution pending licensing. It is filmed, produced and ready for commercial broadcast ( pending licensing.)

#WE TV series on The NOW Network

In 2020, #WE had a weekly 30 minute non-commercial TV series on The NOW Network, every Friday night at 12 midnight (ET); 11 pm ( CST); and 9 pm ( PT). To view these episodes, go TV Episodes tab.

#WE News

The first #empowerment news cast.. This is a weekly 30 minute series debuting nationally.. This newscast covers all empowerment causes, news and updates from #MeToo, #TimesUp, #BLM, LGBT, etc.

Airs nationally in the Spring of 2021.


The SECOND ever national TV #empowerment TV special. It was filmed right after the murder of George Floyd. It was themed to convey the perception of the necessity of the #BLM protests to explain to the non-black viewer from a black perspective. ( Distribution pending licensing.)