• Lowell Beasley

#We_Together, FIRST EVER #Empowerment TV Special Comes to National TV

#WE movement, the nation's largest #empowerment campaign, has launched the FIRST EVER empowerment TV special nationally and globally through i-Launch Global Entertainment TV, Simultv and Camelot TV. The entire one hour special was produced virtually on cell phones during the 2020 pandemic by creator Lowell Beasley and is hosted by Soul Hall of Fame Inductee, Alyson Williams, The First Lady of Def Jam.

The content is a collection of previously recorded comedy and music videos by the top names in entertainment from Justin Bieber, to Kirk Franklin.

The show is scheduled to debut on the new TV networks of Ryan Seacrest and Mark Cuban's network as well as Channel 34 in Las Vegas, the TV station owned by Evander Holyfield.

This historic TV special is the first in a monthly series of TV specials being produced globally by the #WE movement.

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