• Lowell Beasley

"Just Us" TV Series to Keep Flame of George Floyd/ Breonna Taylor Alive

Life Nation Networks, which represents George Floyd's uncle, Selwyn Jones, has contracted with Lowell Beasley/Stand-Up International, to corporately produce a weekly 30 minute social news magazine TV show called “Just Us" with hosts Selwyn Jones and Jenee Starr. The George Floyd and Breonna Taylor families will appear regularly on the show, as the show is dedicated to keeping their stories, issues and cases alive and upfront in 2021, along with similar cases of social and racial injustices. The TV title, "Just Us" refers to Selwyn Jones and Jenee Starr, but is also an obvious play on the word "justice” for which neither of those families, along with 2,800 others, similar to theirs, have yet to see. Jenee Starr is a bi-racial mega-model, who was very active in the #BLM protests in Phoenix, Arizona, of an unarmed innocent black man there murdered by a Phoenix police officer. She organized protests, town hall meetings, news coverage and even a street protest human chain in which she participated. She holds a Bachelor of Psycholoy degree, and is a former social worker in several related fields, so she is very familiar with these types of issues. She was a regional model throughout Arizona gracing billboards as an in-demand VIP model. She is now the global spokesperson and spokesmodel for both the Women Empowerment Movement and the #WE movement, the nation's largest empowerment movement. She is a gracious and polished, articulate host as she recently hosted the #GoodTimes TV Tribute Special , themed around the iconic 1970's "Good Times" TV series, with the star of "Good Times", actor John Amos (Roots, Coming To America 2. Good Times, etc.). Selwyn Jones, is the uncle of George Floyd, now a global household word, and recently was featured in the GQ Man of The Year issue, in which George Clooney graced the cover. Selwyn Jones is the passionate mouthpiece of the Floyd family and deeply and strongly connected to the Breonna Taylor family and families of similar national tragedies. Selwyn Jones is involved in several global projects. He appeared also on the aforementioned “#GoodTimes TV Tribute Special” on January 31, which is now debuting this coming month on Holyfield TV (owned by ex-world heavyweight, Evander Holyfield) then on to over 100 other stations. "Just Us" is being developed, created and written by the two management companies of Selwyn Jones and Ms. Starr, respectively, as an equal collaboration. The show is a weekly 30 minute series, and the pilot is being written this week, and will be in production this month. It is initially signed for a 13 episode season. " Although "Just Us" agrees with many of the values of #BLM, we aren't affiliated with the group.The stated general premise of "Black Lives Matter" and the relevance and overlooking of racial injustice in America, and the fact there are seemingly two different judicial systems in America is exactly the reason for this show and our recurring theme for "Just Us". This is what we hope to never be silent on, and never forget, until it is eradicated from our culture", states Ms. Starr's Management Rep. one of the executive producers on the show.

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