• Lowell Beasley

John Amos Stars on #GoodTimesPPV on Jan.30

Hollywood actor, John Amos,( who is best known for playing " James", the dad, on the iconic 70's TV series " Good Times"), is starring on the #GoodTimesPPV on January 30, hosted by Carlena Evans, daughter of Mike Evans, the creator-writer of " Good Times". #GoodTimesPPV is a celebration of #GoodRiddance2020 and #GoodTimes2021, themed around the theme song and message of the iconic 1970's TV series, " Good Times".

The #GoodTimesPPV is an all-star celebrity celebration of celebrity concert performances, comics, a magic show, clips and segments of the " Good Times" series and cast and crew appearances. The event will feature performances by some old school R & B bands of the 70's, 80's and 90's as well as current stars of today and yesterday.

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