#WE is the acronym for all the 3000 women empowerment groups nationally, but specifically, is the officially trademarked Women Empowerment Movement. #WE is dedicated to becoming the TV/media known brand in every household as the empowerment cause. In 2020, #WE expanded itself from just women empowerment to include ALL empowerment causes,
#WE is the nation's largest empowerment campaign.
In 2020, #WE produced the first EVER empowerment TV specials and are expanding those broadcasts in 2021 to over 164 networks, while creating more.
In 2021, #WE created WePPV.com to produce empowering concerts via PPV and launched with the #GoodTimesPPV TV Tribute on Jan. 31, the first of more " GoodTimes" TV Specials to come. 
In 2022, #WE is focusing on" #Sheroes; The Largest Female Tribute." This #Sheroes project is a 2 hour initial virtual telecast to use as a sample pilot of an 8 hour telecast on August 9. Both of these TV events are called #Sheroes. #WE has contracted a Hollywood producer to additionally  create a 8 week docudrama also called #Sheroes and #WE is planning a #Sheroes Concert tour as well.
#WE has launched its own production company, New Hollywood Studio, and is devoted to expanding ambitiously as fast as it can. #WE is the leader in virtual programming on the scene currently and intends to remain as so.
#WE was created as a concert tour / live events entity and one day plans to develop its presence there in actual concert events, when the COVID virus dissipates. Currently, #WE is producing every level of virtual programming it can to inform, inspire and empower. 


#WE Movement produced The FIRST EVER #Empowerment TV Special, nationally/globally, called #We_Together in November, 2020



#WE Movement produced The SECOND EVER #Empowerment TV Special, nationally/globally, called #We_#WeR1 in December, 2020



#WE Movement produced the officially sanctioned #GoodTimes 2021 Tribute TV Special, themed around the iconic 1970's TV series in January, 2021, and our special starred John Amos, the iconic actor who played the dad on Good Times.



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