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February 14, 2021

"Good Times" TV Special Airs on Holyfield TV

Good Times actor, John Amos, and mega -model, Jenee Starr, hosts the first " Good Times" TV Tribute Special themed around the iconic 70's TV series, " Good Times". . It debuts this month on the Holyfield TV Network of stations.


Lowell Beasley

February 13, 2021

#WE News

Jenee Starr and Shradha Sharma anchor the #WE News, the first all empowerment news cast, a weekly 30 minutes news cast, airing March, 2021.


Lowell Beasley

February 12, 2021

#WeVegas TV Special 

The first nationally distributed #empowerment TV special, #WeVegas, airs nationally in March, 2021.


Lowell Beasley